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Radio Personalities


Bro Davon

Gospel Ride Experience

The objective of this program is to provide a forum where hurting souls can come to be comforted, encouraged, and hear the good news of Jesus Christ.


Prophetess Blessed P

The Feast

Prophetess Patricia Thomas is an ordained minister who believes in sharing Christ with the world. Every Sunday evening on "The Feast" the table is spread. With Christ at the head of the "table" spiritual needs are met through the "spiritual dishes" that are served. The prophetess takes great pleasure in lifting up Jesus on Sunday evenings as she feeds the audience spiritually. It is her prayer that “The Feast” will be an encouragement to you! You are invited to come and spend your Sunday evenings on “The Feast”.


Andrenee Boothe

Sacred Conversations

Andrenee is an Author and Master Life Strategist who loves life and all things Excellent. She is passionate about growth and self-development and endeavors to be a catalyst for change and transformation in the lives of women all over the World.

Sacred Conversations is a Sacred Space created for Empowered Women. The mission and purpose of Sacred Conversations is to Empower Women to show up in the world as the Powerful and Brilliant Beings that they are. It's a space for women to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


MInister Wayne

The Gosple Mixx

Minister Wayne was drawn to music at a young age, and has achieved the kind of success only he could dream of but God had other plans for his life. Through ministry, Minister Wayne realized that he had a passion for soul filled gospel music. God then birth in him the "Gospel Mixx." This program plays all different genre of gospel music...and "mixes" it down for all generations to be drawn to the message of salvation... Check out the Mixx!!


Phil and Brenda Nicholas

We're Gonna Make It (Marriage Program)

This radio show is a weekly half hour program designed to strengthen and enrich Christian marriages. The show consists of various topics facing couples whereby provocative marriage and relationship music is played and then round table discussions are presented. A ``Can We Talk`` segment - which is self explanatory, ``marriage minute`` which is short condensed nuggets of principles and truths which build a strong marriage - along with other segments


Rev. Jamila Woods-Jones

Conversations on Faith and Mental Health

This show is designed to address “the Elephant in the room” in our households, our Houses of Worship and our local, State and Nationwide communities. The affects of Mental health challenges have taken a critical toll on our society recently, and it’s time we address mental health head on. Rev. Jamila Woods will provide pertinent information, interviewing guests and addressing your questions and concerns weekly, in order to challenge, inform, and provide resources for churches and communities of Faith, to better understand issues surrounding mental health. This will help destroy the myths, stigmas and shame associated with persons who suffer from mental illness. Please join us weekly and let’s work together to address the whole person, Body, MIND, and Spirit!


Min. Stefan Whyte (DJ Penny)

Straight Talk

Interactive discussions about topics that affect our everyday life.

Glory Skanking

Praise and worship with all styles and genre of gospel music


Brother Radical

Drive Time

Our goal is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world through songs, sermons, and inspirational messages. It’s not just old stuff, not just new stuff, but a mix of some of the most popular gospel music now and back then. We play music that ministers to you and glorifies God…the new, the old, and the popular.


Dr. Angela Rucker

Walking in Dominion

This broadcast is designed to introduce biblical life changing principles that challenge the listeners to make correct choices with a systematic plan of self development. Each dynamic broadcast commands introspection and transformation based on who we are from God’s perspective. The mandate of Gen 1:26-28 is the underlying theme of the broadcast.


Elder Geneva Henderson

Kingdom XL

This radio broadcast is designed to empower you with knowledge you need to meet your ministry, business and individual solutions in these rapidly changing times. This program is packed with powerful resources for effective ministry and organizational development based on sound biblical principles.


Bro Lou

Radikal Praise

The program is geared at encouraging, informing, empowering and inspiring listeners for Jesus Christ.

Geraldine Miggins

Rev. Dr. Geraldine Miggins

Raising Godly Children in the 21st Century

Addresses the fundamental biblical principles of how to raise children of this generation. The foundational Scripture Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart it" clearly defines the role of parents.


Minister Delroy Lingo

Morning Glory Experience
Mondays - Fridays 5 AM to 10 AM

Monday Experience
Mondays 4 PM to 6 PM

The Journey
Wednesdays 4 PM to 6 PM

Full a Vibes Friday
Fridays 4 PM to 7 PM

Morning Ride
Saturdays 5 AM to 10 AM


Stacy Rose

Island Praise

Island Praise is a weekly, 2 hour, Caribbean Gospel music program that features music (Reggae, Dancehall, Soca etc), news, interviews, what's hot in the world of Caribbean Gospel and much, much, more. Created over a decade ago, Island Praise is currently produced by Cielo Media and can be heard weekly on radio and internet stations in Africa, Antigua, Anguilla, Canada, Dominica, Papua New Guinea, Turks & Caicos and the US . Throughout the years, the focus has remained the same, to share God's message of love and unity through Caribbean gospel music with the nations of the world.