Update: James Fortune Says Prayer Saved His Life after Drunk Driver Smashed Into Him

Efrem Graham
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Gospel Artist James Fortune is home from the hospital and “sore but alive” after a being hit by a drunk driver last week.

He posted a video update to Instagram that gave details about the accident and thanked fans for their prayers.

Fortune said he was at a red light when he “got hit by a drunk driver who was actually running from someone else.”

“She had hit and slammed into the back of me, which caused me to slam into the back of another car,” he said.

Fortune believes it is a miracle his injuries weren’t worse.

“Doctors were saying with the impact, and because I didn’t see the crash coming that my neck could have easily been broken and had so much more damage,” Fortune said.

“God is good, he is faithful, ” he added.

Despite the accident, Fortune believes “God is getting ready to do something great in 2017, not just for me but for you too.”