REBEL SALUTE 2017: ‘Jesus is my pension’ – Minister Marion Hall was on fire

08:25, January 14, 2017

The artiste who formerly went by the stage name Lady Saw blew inspirational flames at Rebel Salute in Plantation Cove, St. Ann on Saturday morning, igniting the audience and having them singing and exalting the virtues of Jesus.

Minister Marion Hall would not be distracted and, even when a member of the audience, comprised of many from the Rastafarian faith, shouted early in her performance, “Marion Hall, bun Jesus”, she never waned from her set. Instead, she focused her attention on someone in the crowd who had gotten into “spirit” and ministered directly to that individual.

Hall, however, would not completely ignore the non-believer. She would later tell the dreadlocked man that he should allow her to call who she worships by whatever name she chooses, as she would not stop him from calling whom he worships by whatever name he wants to.

She then went into Room In My House before she reminded the crowd that, as Lady Saw, she should would have to go home after every performance and pray for forgiveness. Hall, however, said that after her performance at Rebel Salute, she would only have to go home and pray, as she will not be doing anything that needed forgiveness.

She did Jesus a di Man, before Don’t Worry, which she said she wrote for fellow artiste Bushman. She accuses Bushman of saying that she became a Christian to secure her pension as “when I turn 50 I cannot go up on stage and wine up myself again”.

She however told the crowd, that followed her every word, that “Jesus is the best pension”.

Minister Marion Hall’s performance was well received as she had the gathering jumping and singing Jesus.