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Become a iPartner


Become an JamzRock Radio iPartner

What does listener support mean?

We are a non commercial station so we solely rely on listeners like you to keep Jamzrock radio going strong and providing the gospel around the world. 

What does my support do?

Keeps Jamzrock on air every day reaching the millions of homes locally and internationally,giving hope to the broken -heart, help for the lost and relief for children who cannot afford to go to school in Africa.

What is an Ipartner? 

An iPartner is someone who supports JamzRock Radio at $1.00 per day. With this $30 per month our radio station donates to the children in Africa for school supplies and clean water to drink. Right now, when you become  iPartner with your gift of giving, you’ll receive our brand new iPartner  t-shirt! Choose your

t-shirt size below and check your mail in 10 business days. Thank you for sponsoring on child at a time.

Thank you for assisting JamzRock Radio  spread to love of Jesus Christ to the nations!

God bless you!!

Thank you for your support of JamzRock Radio!  As a thank you we would like to send you an exclusive “JamzRock Radio IPartner”  T-shirt! Please fill out the form below and your T-shirt will be to you in the next 6-8 weeks. This offer is for JamzRock Radio iPartners only.

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